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Tales by Tabletop

Oct 23, 2019

Tales by Tabletop is a story adapted from sessions of Dungeons and Dragons. It follows the tale of a trio of adventurers: Laeran, Rosjen, and Tem. Laeran is played by Jim Cook and voiced by Jay DeGraff. Rosjen is played by Misty Harper and voiced by Jazlyn Pintar. Tem is voiced and played by Phil Boelche. Guest voice acting provided by Gabrielle Galluzzo, Zac McAuley, Travis Nellor, and Levi Witt. Your narrator is David Nailing. Story coordinators are Mike Becker, Chris Hultin, and Zac McAuley. Sound effects provided by and music provided by Tabletop Tales by Tabletop theme created by David Vass. This show is edited and directed by Zac McAuley and Travis Nellor, and produced by Michael Blackard.